Constantin Eichstaedt

User Experience & Interface Designer


My name is Constantin and I design digital experiences to solve problems.

I'm currently working at Coya AG to make insurance simple and fun.

User Testing, Design
Thinking and Agile

In a nutshell, I design digital products and services to solve problems. Throughout my design work I apply testing methods to validate assumptions and concepts.

I try to establish a constant loop of feedback from all different stakeholders (users / developers / management) to achieve an iterative process improving the product with each cycle.

Design is not just the aspect of creating easy-to-use interfaces – every discussion, decision and line of code written leads to well designed software.

To solve complex problems with various technical constrains it is important to define the core problem early on and also to look at the underlying business process and strategy.

Possible solutions need to be constantly validated with users through whiteboard sketches, paper prototypes or click prototypes.

I like working in agile teams and to quickly react to new insights and challenges – even if it means to start from scratch several times.

As a designer I’m always looking for the sweet spot between ease of use, functionality, efficiency and visual aesthetics to achieve a desirable, human-centered solution.

More than User Interfaces

During the design process I’m not only creating digital interfaces but often I need to serve as a personal interface between all stakeholders involved in a product.

Empathy for each different role and trying to understand their perspective and goals are key to finding a solution that benefits everyone.

If possible, I always try to learn new skills to achieve a T-shaped approach which helps me to better communicate with people from different domains.

I started over ten years ago with a focus on highly detailed icon, interface and web design but also learned skills in print and motion design while working in advertising agencies.

During my interface design studies at FH Potsdam I looked into generative design and animating interfaces as well as training in user experience and empathy.

I also learned how to conduct usability tests and how to validate design assumptions for user-centered interaction design.

Recently I got into prototyping complex interactions in Axure and detailed interactions and motion details in Principle.

While pursuing a startup project I noticed a lack of business knowledge which lead me to study international management.

Together with my web development skills this helped me to communicate more efficiently with people from different domains and to eventually build better products.